Find Her by Kenneth Zink

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Find Her

In the year 2051, genetically mutated individuals can glimpse the memories of everyone and everything they touch.

A pair of scissors turns up a memory of a child hacking through construction paper.
A wedding ring turns up a memory of a husband having an affair.
A bloody knife turns up a memory of steel sinking through flesh, and a glimpse of the hand that wielded it…

Robin Wray is one of them, a legendary fragment detective with a haunted past. When the granddaughter of the President of the United States is kidnapped, she takes one final case. But to find the truth, Robin will have to unravel a conspiracy with apocalyptic proportions, and confront her buried past.

Find Her by Kenneth Zink (The Erodium Trilogy #1)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 186 KB

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