First Strike by Logan Ryles

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First Strike by Logan Ryles

Nine nations hold nuclear weapons.
What if a madman seized control of one of them?
Reed Montgomery’s retirement is doomed to be short-lived. After the CIA receives intelligence from deep inside North Korea of a startling new weapon, President Trousdale green-lights an illegal mission to extract the informant.

Reed and his Prosecution Force are tasked with infiltrating the hermit kingdom, under cover and off the books. They won’t have backup, and if they are discovered by North Korean authorities, Washington will disavow them.

But there’s no question they’ll take the mission. Because from inside Pyongyang, rumblings of war are echoing across the west. And with a superior nuclear weapon, those rumblings are no longer empty threats.
The Prosecution Force is on the clock. Failure is not an option.

First Strike by Logan Ryles (The Prosecution Force Thrillers #2)
English | 2022 | Mystery & Thriller | 826 KB

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