Flames of Promise by Jack Whitney

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Flames of Promise Second Book Jack Whitney

With their kingdom in ruins, Dorian and Nyssari Eaglefyre must make a choice.
Remain bound to the kingdom and people that betrayed their family and live their lives in silence, or run and be declared traitors of the realm.

Choosing exile, they’ll leave their crowns behind and travel south to fulfill the promises they made to Haerland’s true High King and Queen: protect Haerland from the strangers invading their shores.
To do this, they’ll have to go their separate ways. Dorian to the Blackhand Mountains, where he must secure aid and shelter from the Blackhands for the war. Nyssa to the Umber, where she must attempt to gather the help of the Honest people and then travel to negotiate peace with the foreign King.

Nyssa must choose to follow her heart or fulfill her duty, for if she cannot, she runs the risk of not only never securing an alliance from the Honest, but also ruining the trust they have in their Commander.

Dorian must face trial in the Blackhand town of Dahrkenhill. Despite their High Elder being a friend, the remainder of the people believes him to be a traitor and the reason for the fall of their King. He must prove his innocence to secure the aid the Blackhands had once promised them.
But Haerland continues to hide secrets. And the cursed race they’d thought they’d defeated has a darker plan for them all.

Flames of Promise by Jack Whitney (Honest Scrolls #2)
English | 2021 | Fantasy | 1 MB

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