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Flint’s Justice by Anthony James

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Flints Justice by Anthony James

With the unstoppable warship Endurus pursuing it relentlessly across galaxies, the Ancidium is the last and dying hope for the human-Daklan alliance.
At the helm, Captain William Flint is low on options and fast running out of hope. Until the Endurus was freed from dormancy, he thought he’d seen technological war at its most terrible. Now he’s confronted by an opponent that has survived for aeons and which seems determined to kill all life in the universe.
The truth is not always clear, as Flint will soon find out.

On this mission, he will learn the secrets of a war which have lasted billions of years. Ancient conflicts are brought into the present and titans will clash in the most explosive confrontation of Flint’s career.
With the fate of everything in the balance, Flint is the one man who can tip the scales…

Flint’s Justice by Anthony James (Forged Alliance #8)
English | 2021 | Science Fiction | 371 KB

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