Flowers in Her Bones by J.R. Erickson

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Flowers in Her Bones by J R Erickson

Two years ago, Gloria Cline had the worst night of her life. A musical festival deep in the woods near the Porcupine Mountains turned deadly when Gloria and her best friend, Wren went for a walk. Twenty-four hours later, Gloria was found barely clinging to life with a horrific story of being abducted and nearly murdered.

No trace of Wren was ever found.
Today, Gloria has walled herself into a safe world that relies on routine and familiarity. She doesn’t leave her apartment-ever.

But another young woman has vanished near the Porcupine Mountains and Gloria’s hazy recollection of her own near-murder may hold the keys to finding the woman before she suffers a similar fate.

Flowers in Her Bones by J.R. Erickson (Troubled Spirits #6)
English | 2022 | Fantasy | 305 KB

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