Garden of Your Dreams by Charlie Albone

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Garden of Your Dreams by Charlie Albone

Transform your outdoor space with design ideas and know-how from TV’s favourite landscape designer.

Garden of Your Dreams is an inspirational and practical guide to complete outdoor transformations – from the smallest urban courtyard to a rural paradise.

Let award-winning garden designer and landscape expert from Better Homes & Gardens Charlie Albone walk you through the process of turning your outdoor space into your own personal oasis. Start by identifying your dream design style, then learn how to make a plan that works for your site, budget and aspirations. Create an entertaining space you are proud of, prepare the soil and then the real fun begins – planting!

Packed full of ideas and inspirational how-to as well as Charlie’s personal plant guide, Garden of Your Dreams is the ideal first step to dreaming up your own outdoor transformation.

Garden of Your Dreams: A Practical Guide to Your Best Outdoor Transformation Ever by Charlie Albone
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