Ghost at Dawn by Kevan Dale

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Ghost at Dawn by Kevan Dale

Unless everything she knows about the afterlife is a lie, she’s about to fade for good.
Karen Jarvis’s overthinking never stops, not even in death. To cope, the former child prodigy clings to the rules: ignore the visions when they intrude, or go crazy; don’t reach out to the living, or they die; tap the forty-two special points in her house in the same order every day, or fade.

But when a voice from the past pushes her to question the know-it-all people-pleasing that left her friendless in life, she launches into a fit of adolescent rebellion long overdue—and discovers she’s been lied to all along.
Piecing together the true extent of the deception, Karen’s off-the-chart IQ leads her to a weakness in her mentor’s ruthless scheme. Unfortunately, exploiting it means trusting in someone with an average at best IQ.

Bad idea.

So when her captor sets her up for an infernal checkmate, Karen faces a terrible choice: let her crippling fear of falling short undercut her one chance to save herself and the only friends she’s ever known, or out-think her tormentor’s every move.

If you love heroic underdogs, pulse-pounding twists and turns, and endings that leave you on the edge of your seat, then you’ll love Kevan Dale’s gripping novel of psychological horror.

Ghost at Dawn by Kevan Dale
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 1.3 MB

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