Ghosts in Time: End of the West by D.R. Delgado

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Ghosts in Time End of the West by D R Delgado

In the old west when modern America was in it’s infancy and the sun was setting on the age of the gunslinger. Marvels and terrors of technology are to take shape and rise from what the lawless frontier will leave behind.

Robert Royce, a widowed clock maker receives a curious letter. Peter Crow, a rogue gunslinger running from a problem he can’t shoot his way out of. John Strongman, the self proclaimed world’s strongest man searches for a home with his young daughter. Evelyn Adler, a talented engineer and her trusty clockwork cat are out of work. They set out together on an adventure to uncover the puzzling events that are happening throughout the Arizona desert.

This unlikely group will turn to each other to face what the coming years have in store for each of them. They will find that fate has her own agenda and their history is never far behind their future.

Ghosts in Time: End of the West by D.R. Delgado
English | 2022 | Science Fiction | 273 KB

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