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Ghosts of Christmas Past by H.P. Bayne

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Ghosts of Christmas Past H P Bayne

Three ghosts. Two drastically different options. One decision that could alter the course of Sullivan Gray’s life.
Since early childhood, Sully has been plagued by hauntings. So when a recent injury leaves him unable to see the dead, he believes this might be the best Christmas gift he’s ever received.

But his loved ones aren’t so sure. Sully’s changed, and they’re concerned he’s about to make the wrong decision for the wrong reasons. At their urging, he sits down with a friend, revisiting ghost stories of his past.
Will he accept spirits back into his life along with all the emotion, turmoil and danger they bring? Or will he shut them out forever—even if it means losing himself too?

Ghosts of Christmas Past by H.P. Bayne (The Braddock & Gray Case Files #8)
English | 2021 | Fantasy | 240 KB

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