Good as Gone by David Kazzie

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Good as Gone by David Kazzie

MAY 1973
Five masked bandits enter a Richmond, Virginia bank and steal $2 million in cash, killing two innocent people in the process.
The robbers are never caught.
It’s the happiest week of Charlie Dallas’s life. He’s on his honeymoon in Florida with his beautiful new wife Susanna, enjoying the sand, surf, and a long-awaited break from his busy career as a newspaper reporter.
Then Susanna disappears.

Warned by her mysterious captors to not contact the police, Charlie has only one choice – to meet the kidnappers back in his hometown of Richmond.
But the meeting goes horribly awry – an FBI agent turns up dead, and Charlie is on the run, wanted for murder.
To clear his name and save his wife, Charlie, now a fugitive, will have to dig into his own murky past, where the most explosive secret of all lies waiting for him.
But if he fails to stay ahead of the FBI agent hunting him, both Susanna – and the truth – could be good as gone.

Good as Gone by David Kazzie
English | 2022 | Mystery & Thriller | 340 KB

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