Hard to Kill by Kati Ella

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Hard to Kill An Ambrosia Hardi Kati Ella

Meet Ambrosia Harding, aka Rosie, an assassin working for OVERSIGHT. She’s ready to swap the guns and murder for a beach towel, balmy nights with cocktails, the sand between her toes, and time to indulge in a romance novel. Unfortunately, in her profession retirement isn’t an option, at least not the type she has in mind.

Her best talent: She can kill without blinking an eye.
Her weakness: A conscience she can’t get rid off.
Her downfall: The forbidden love affair.
One might just get her killed.

A burned-out assassin takes a hiatus at a small beachside town when she finds herself in the crosshairs after being assigned to kill the very person she’s vowed to protect. Now she must choose between duty and redemption. A choice that might just be her last. Can she save the girl and get the redemption she desires? Or will she end up like all the assassins working for OVERSIGHT, retired – permanently?

Hard to Kill by Kati Ella (Ambrosia Harding Thriller #1)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 358 KB

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