Heaven’s Laws: Prodigies by Apollos Thorne

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Heavens Laws Prodigies

The apex of the martial arts calls out. It challenges all to ascend.
Long Chao is the son of a hedge mage—a heretic cultivator. He doesn’t cultivate for power, but to satisfy his endless curiosity.

One fateful day, Xiao Huifen, a girl aiming to be the youngest Sky Realm cultivator in the Monolith continent’s history, crashes into his life. She’s from the world of top-ranked sects and strict cultivation methodologies.
They share nothing in common except for the unquenchable desire to unlock heaven’s every mystery.
This is their journey.

However, the brightest glory casts the darkest shadow.
Strength begets brutality. Long-life begets the foulest perversions.
To those who dwell in the darkness, young cultivators such as them are nothing more than some of the finest resources.

To use them as slaves. Refine them into pills.
When faced with such depravity, this unorthodox pair must do all they can to survive. Even if they do, how can they hope to remain unchanged?

Heaven’s Laws: Prodigies by Apollos Thorne
English | 2021 | Fantasy | 905 KB

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