Her Bitter End by Melinda Woodhall

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Her Bitter End A Veronica Lee Melinda Woodhall

A Vicious Psychopath Wreaks Destruction
A Las Vegas showgirl’s big audition for a notorious casino owner goes down in flames as a brutal biker carries out a violent triple murder before embarking on a mission of death and destruction, taking him from the bright lights of Sin City to the small town of Willow Bay, Florida.

When the FBI learns investigative reporter Veronica Lee is the killer’s next target, Police Chief Nessa Ainsley launches a desperate bid to protect her town from an evil predator with a shocking connection to a powerful enemy.
And as the relentless killer leaves more victims in his wake, Veronica uncovers a shocking betrayal by an unexpected accomplice who will stop at nothing to bring her life to an early and bitter end.

Her Bitter End by Melinda Woodhall (Veronica Lee #8)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 280 KB

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