Heroes of Darkness by Wolfe Locke

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★Heroes of Darkness: Pandemonium – A 5 Book Collection★
A legend killed in battle; a tyrant lives again. Reborn to fight the god who will reap the world. His power sealed away within the dungeon; Seraph was cast into the past, reincarnated into his younger self. Forbidden from hoarding power and charged with the mission of ensuring the survival of humanity. But people do not change overnight, and Seraph must find a new path forward and learn there’s more to power than being a tyrant if humanity is to survive the coming of Aeon.

This collection contains the following books in chronological story order:
Dungeon of the Old Gods
The Genesis Game: Beginnings
The Genesis Game: Volume I
The Genesis Game: Volume II
The Skeletal Champion

Heroes of Darkness: A Dark Dungeon Realm LitRPG Collection by Wolfe Locke
English | 2021 | Fantasy | ePUB | 1.5 MB

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