His Other Wife by Nicole Trope

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His Other Wife by Nicole Trope

She has my husband. She has my child. She has my life.
I never thought I would end up here. Alone, in a cold one-bedroom apartment, only seeing my precious daughter once a week.
Another woman is living the life that was once mine. I wish I was still married to my ex-husband, the love of my life. I dream of tucking my five-year-old child into her ballerina bed sheets every night. I miss living in a beautiful house, the perfect family home, with a winding staircase and a sprawling garden.

I’d do anything to be with my family again. To start over and prove to them that I’ve changed, that I won’t lose control like before.

But when I get my second chance, the vicious messages come. The noises at night. The feeling of being watched. It’s happening all over again. I know I’m not going mad, but no one will believe me. I don’t know if I even believe myself.
All I wanted was my life back. But now my life is under threat – and my darling little girl is in danger…

A totally addictive, twist-packed psychological thriller about the lengths we go to for the people we love. Perfect for fans of Lisa Jewell, Liane Moriarty and Adele Parks.

His Other Wife by Nicole Trope
English | 2022 | Mystery & Thriller | 533 KB

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