I Am Karma by Davie J Toothill

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I Am Karma Davie J Toothill

Sixteen year old Millie Johnson had the perfect life. Until her brutal murder has her friends and family questioning it all…

The murder of her only child brings Jacqueline’s world crashing down. With the carefully constructed facade of her perfect family crumbling, Jacqueline is determined not to let her own secrets get out, no matter the cost… THE BEST FRIEND
Naomi thinks she knew Millie better than anyone, until she logs in to her friend’s social media accounts and learns that Millie was being stalked by I Am Karma, a faceless online profile, and hounded over the dark secrets she was keeping. As she questions how well she really knew her friend, Naomi realises there is more to Millie’s murder than meets the eye…
Private investigator Aya Nakajima has been hired by the family of another girl who died in suspicious circumstances. Aya suspects that there could be a connection between the two girls and their untimely deaths and arrives in London to investigate. One thing soon becomes clear:
Millie Johnson’s murder was not the first, and it will certainly not be the last unless I Am Karma is caught…

I Am Karma by Davie J Toothill
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 344 KB

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