In Cold Blood by Jack Cartwright

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In Cold Blood by Jack Cartwright

The darkest secrets can be found in the coldest hearts…

When the fog clears one December morning in Lincolnshire, the body of a young woman is discovered lying face down in a field. Murdered in cold blood, the case falls to DI Freya Bloom and her team to unearth the sequence of events, and bring the deadly truth to light. A carer by day, the victim, Emma Blanch, tended the needs of the elderly. A big heart, and a gentle touch were all she needed to get by. But when Bloom learns that Emma was recently the suspect in another murder enquiry, she discovers that someone has taken the law into their own hands – and they are still tidying up loose ends.

In the tiny settlement of Wasps Nest, Bloom must dig up the past to discover who Emma Blanch really was. But one fact is clear – the truth died with Emma, and the killer will stop at nothing to have his way.
Who had more to gain from her death? Who had more to lose? And how far will the killer go until his deadly secrets are buried forever?

In Cold Blood by Jack Cartwright (The Wild Fens #3)
English | 2022 | Mystery | 350 KB

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