Inflame by Dakota Krout

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Inflame Dakota Krout

Invasions and sabotage. Two civilizations doing anything to exist. War crimes are the norm.
Joe takes his first step into exile, and is promptly unable to breathe. This new Zone has a higher concentration of power, magnitudes denser. His first task is to survive, but mere survival is the least of his concerns. The Zone he has landed on has been in a state of constant war for thousands of years, a tug of war between the Elven and Dwarven societies. Not choosing a side is the same as declaring both to be your personal enemy. Though he is resistant, Joe reluctantly decides to go with the group he thinks will help him grow the most—and is instantly plunged into their bitter war. To gain the freedom he desires, Joe needs to turn to the less savory aspects of his class.
Engulfed by darkness, Joe can only hope he’ll be able to snuff out the light.

Inflame by Dakota Krout (The Completionist Chronicles #6)
English | 2021 | Fantasy | ePUB | 442 KB

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