Into The Jungle by TR Kohler

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Into The Jungle An Action Thri TR Kohler

On its surface, the task presented to Kari Ma is simple enough.
Leave the bureaucracy she’s come to loathe in Washington, D.C. to resurrect the program she was once a part of—a task force designed specifically for people like her. Individuals imbued with special talents. Abilities. Enhancements.
Various other titles given to those who can do things others cannot.
The only catch is it comes with a special request from the incoming president and a promise that upon completion, Ma and her program will have everything it needs: complete autonomy and a collaborative working relationship with the new administration.

The team must travel across the globe and find a young girl said to be gifted with the ability to heal, last seen deep in the rainforests of the Congo, working with native tribes. A place rife with warring groups, an ascendant warlord, and motivations as disparate as the various factions found there.
A task that Ma nor her fledgling operation is yet up for.
She has no choice but to call on old friend for assistance—a man named Nic Kidman that worked with Ma on the last variant of the program. Someone with his own special talents making him uniquely qualified just such an assignment.
Provided, of course, that Ma can sell him on returning to action one last time…

Into The Jungle by TR Kohler (A Jumper Novel #1)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 396 KB

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