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As Atlantic Alliance forces rumble southward, military intelligence operator Eddie Novak infiltrates London ahead of the war machine, his mission, to ensure the Alliance doesn’t run into any surprises.
Aided by former soldier Griff, Eddie discovers a trap is being laid, one that threatens the Alliance’s advance. But when they find themselves cut off and unable to sound the alarm, Eddie and Griff must fight their way out of a city bracing itself for an unprecedented and terrifying assault.

Elsewhere, Bertie Payne is on the run, trapped in the chaos as millions flee the capital – and the country – desperate to escape the approaching blizzard of vengeance. Bertie has a plan, one that will guarantee his safety and future prosperity, but Bertie’s plans have a dangerous knack of unravelling at the worst possible moment…

As a ring of steel encircles London, thousands of fanatical volunteers dig in, determined to make the Alliance pay in blood for every inch of real estate. But when pawns attack and kings fall, the final battle will become a war of attrition.
A storm is about to break over the besieged capital, and the innocents caught in its deadly path will pray for only one thing:

INVASION DELIVERANCE by DC Alden (The Invasion UK #4)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 571 KB

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