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Invasive Species by John W McIntire

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Invasive Species John W McIntire

In the chaotic void of space, humans live on in a galaxy without the Earth.
Zach wanted a quiet life. That’s what he got when he left his job as an accountant to tend to the fields on the Station’s agricultural decks.

Satisfied and fulfilled, Zach’s life is about to change again when the K’thal emissary chooses Zach to cultivate an alien plant.

Everything seems to be on the up until an unknown scourge begins to ravage the Station’s food supply.
Unwittingly, Zach finds himself at the epicentre of humanity’s second extinction level event.
How has this happened? Who is responsible? Can anything be done about it?

Invasive Species by John W McIntire (A Slice of Harmony)
English | 2021 | Science Fiction | 323 KB

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