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Invisible Sun by Charles Stross

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Invisible Sun Charles Stross

The alternate timelines of Charles Stross’ Empire Games trilogy have never been so entangled than in Invisible Sun—the techno-thriller follow up to Dark State—as stakes escalate in a conflict that could spell extermination for humanity across all known timelines.

An inter-timeline coup d’état gone awry. A renegade British monarch on the run through the streets of Berlin. And robotic alien invaders from a distant timeline flood through a wormhole, wreaking havoc in the USA. Can disgraced worldwalker Rita and her intertemporal extraordaire agent of a mother neutralize the livewire contention before it’s too late?

Invisible Sun by Charles Stross (Empire Games #3)
English | 2021 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 3.6 MB

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