Jazz Funeral by D’Artagnan Rey, Michael Anderle

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Jazz Funeral DArtagnan Rey

Among ghosts and breathers there is a saying…
“There is always something going down in New Orleans.”
For Johnny and Vic, the divide between life and death is thin.
Now it’s almost nonexistent for everyone.

What began as a quick case for a handsome reward has spiraled into a massive fray involving multiple parties in the realms of life and death. After almost ending the threat, one was returning more powerful than ever.

They can all feel it. The end is near and the Axeman cometh. But on the upside, they have a demigod and basically every resident, living or dead, ready to take him on.
Being afraid of the afterlife is just a little more personal now.

Jazz Funeral by D’Artagnan Rey, Michael Anderle (Revenant Files #3)
English | 2021 | Fantasy | 373 KB

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