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Jurassic Ark by David Niall Wilson

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Jur ic Ark David Niall Wilson

There are monsters roaming the desert and menacing the roads. There are sorcerers, harlots, and gamblers rampant in the city. In a compound in a forest, at the base of a mountain, one man and his family have received a prophecy. There will be a reckoning. There will be a flood. They will survive, but only if they obey the prophecy. Only if they build an ark, where there is no water. Only if they gather all of the creatures of the world. Only if they are faithful. Everyone else? Well, they’re going to die.

This is a book of prophecy and revelation, heroism and love. It is a very old story with a new twist. It is a very human story, drawing together the creatures of the heavens and the earth. This is not your mother’s Noah, and it is not the Bible’s Ark… and yet it is. Welcome to an alternate history where your only hope is not to miss the boat.

Jurassic Ark by David Niall Wilson
English | 2021 | Historical Fantasy | 560 KB

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