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Kill Me Tomorrow by Britney King

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Kill Me Tomorrow A Psychologic Britney King

From the bestselling author of The Social Affair and HER comes a mind-bending thriller that’s soaked with raw sensuality, as an investigator’s search takes a wicked turn when he meets a beautiful and provocative woman.
Ali is a sex therapist-slash-guru, famous for the work she does helping others find pleasure.
The problem: Ali can never quite find it for herself.
Her life’s work makes nothing taboo, nothing off limits. And she’s tried everything short of murder. Although, with the way things are going, it’s not off the table. When Ethan Lane is hired to investigate the death of a wealthy bachelor, he isn’t expecting to stumble into a string of murders. The victims are men, and all members of a popular dating app. Operating undercover with a profile of his own, he meets the woman of his dreams—who also happens to be his best suspect.
The question: Can Lane stay alive long enough to prove his theory? And does he want to?

Kill Me Tomorrow by Britney King
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 417 MB

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