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Killer Delivery by Claire Feeney

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Killer Delivery A Serial Kille Claire Feeney

Evil always leaves a legacy.

Detective Dana Capone has a sixth sense for serial killers. After all, she grew up with one.

When the bound corpse of a young woman is discovered behind an Austin comedy club, Dana’s instincts say this is only the warm-up act. But convincing others of her theory proves tricky with the legacy of her family’s sins staining her credibility. And as long as her supervisors believe she’s overreacting, a murderer remains free to perform his macabre routine all over again. After a grave miscalculation jeopardizes the investigation, Dana’s doubts blur the line between truth and fantasy. Can she sort her nightmarish past from the gruesome present before this killer gets the last laugh?

Killer Delivery by Claire Feeney (Dana Capone #1)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 690 KB

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