Kingdoms of Shadow and Ash by H.R. Moore

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Kingdoms of Shadow and Ash by H R Moore

Action-packed from the start, with twists, intrigue, and dangerous politics, Kingdoms of Shadow and Ash is a sexy new fantasy series perfect for fans of Jennifer L. Armentrout, Sarah Maas, and Danielle L. Jensen.
Legend states that when a ruler worthy of the name reunites the Five Kingdoms, the dragons will return. Fyia has done just that, and she wants her dragons. But the dragon eggs are missing, her five war-ravaged kingdoms are unhappy bedfellows, and calls for her to marry grow ever louder.

Fyia hasn’t fought so hard to hand her spoils to another, and her quest to find the missing eggs leads her to the powerful, reclusive King of the Black Hoods. A formidable man whose magical abilities match her own, as does his stubbornness.
When he refuses to help, she must find a way to make him, even if that means risking the frozen wilds with the infuriating King … even if it means risking the one thing she swore she never would: her heart.

Game of Thrones meets From Blood and Ash in this epic duology recommended for an adult audience.

Kingdoms of Shadow and Ash by H.R. Moore (Shadow and Ash #1)
English | 2022 | Fantasy | 382 KB

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