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Last Victim by Helen H. Durrant

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LAST VICTIM an absolutely gripp HELEN H DURRANT

Helen H. Durrant is a British author who sets her novels in the area she has lived for many years, the towns and villages that sit in the shelter of the Pennine hills. The area offers an interesting mix of the industrial and the countryside and makes for a great setting for a crime novel.

A two-month-old baby is missing. James’s parents left him with a babysitter while they went out for dinner. But when they get home, there’s no sign of baby or sitter.
This is the last thing DCI Rachel King wants to hear on her last night of maternity leave. But worse is to come. The missing infant belongs to Scott Agnew, alleged member of Manchester drug-dealing ring, the Trio.
Then the elderly mother of another Trio boss disappears. Rachel knows that if these are retaliation kidnappings, things will only go from bad to terrible.
And guess who everyone thinks is behind all of this? The prime suspect is Rachel’s partner Jed, ex-gangland boss and father of her youngest child.

Last Victim by Helen H. Durrant (DCI Rachel King #5)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 450 KB

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