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Lawyers in Gray: Angus Wood by John Ellsworth

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Lawyers in Gray Angus Wood John Ellsworth

Are you selling secrets to the Russians? The Lawyers in Gray Want to Know…

The Department of Justice has hired the law firm of Gray, Soros, Shepherd, and Wood to defend American environmental interests. Then a Russia-friendly lawyer replaces Angus Wood as managing partner at the Gray law firm, and Angus is on the streets. Gray begins losing environmental cases across the US as secret DOJ documents keep turning up in Russian hands. Suddenly Russian fracking is running wild across the United States.

The FBI calls upon Angus Wood to plug the leak of Top Secret documents. Angus accepts the assignment and sets up a secret arm of the law firm that has just kicked him out. He narrows down the suspects to one. Now to prove what he knows. A lawyer from Gray law joins his team. Her name s Inga Kopovsky. He has admired her before, and she has noticed him. They have dinner and make a plan. Can they get the mole to defect before his Russian masters find him?

If you like legal intrigue and spies on spies, here’s Angus Wood in a desperate chess game with the Russians. And while they’re at it, a romance may have begun in the middle of it all. Here’s a thriller that will only make you want more in this proposed ten-book Angus Wood series.

Lawyers in Gray: Angus Wood by John Ellsworth (Lawyers in Gray #1)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 560 KB

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