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Legacy of Blood by Debi Chestnut

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Legacy of Blood Debi Chestnut

When there’s a murder in Hope Harbor, Michigan, information professional ZOEY CALLAWAY is usually right in the middle of it. Zoey finds a body on Adrianna Martinelli’s doorstep with the note pinned to the murder victim’s skin. The scene has an eerie Jack the Ripper vibe to it, which lends credence to a serial killer being on the loose. Zoey teams up with new Hope Harbor Police Detective, Nate Emerson, to investigate the murder. It soon becomes crystal clear that Adrianna is hiding something and knows way more than she’s saying. Other murders quickly follow, weaving into a chaotic web of deceit. Zoey summons her professional research skills to investigate the past before it collides with the future.

Legacy of Blood by Debi Chestnut (Zoey Callaway Mysteries Book 2)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 920 KB

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