Legacy of War by Wilbur Smith

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Legacy of War Wilbur Smith

A nail-biting story of courage, bravery, rebellion and war from the master of adventure fiction.

Legacy of War is set in Kenya in Africa.
It is a story of the British white landowners and the native tribes.
India has just declared their freedom and many of the Kenyan natives want Kenya to be free and to have a say in their government. They detest the rich white landowners who treat them as slaves for the most part.

The war is over, Hitler is dead – and yet his evil legacy lives on. Saffron Courtney and her beloved husband Gerhard only just survived the brutal conflict, but Gerhard’s Nazi-supporting brother, Konrad, is still free and determined to regain power.
As a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse develops, a plot against the couple begins to stir.
One that will have ramifications throughout Europe. . . Further afield in Kenya, the last outcrop of the colonial empire is feeling the stirrings of rebellion.
As the situation becomes violent, and the Courtney family home is under threat, Leon Courtney finds himself caught between two powerful sides – and a battle for the freedom of a country.

Legacy of War by Wilbur Smith (Courtney Series #18)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 1.6 MB

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