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Little Black Book of Lockpicking by Alexandre TRIFFAULT

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Little Black Book of Lockpicking Lock opening and Byp techniques for Security Professionals

Did the gentleman burglar Arsène Lupin, or the spy James Bond inspired this book?
Maybe the escape artist Harry Houdini, or even the brilliant lockpicker Alfred C. Hobbs?

In any case, this book will teach you the best techniques to pick locks, use bumpkeys, bypass a padlock or even create a key by impressioning.
Whether you are curious about these techniques you see in movies and series, or you work as a Pentester, a Locksmith, or as an operator in a Law Enforcement Agency, you will find in this book the basics and the useful tips and tricks to open the majority of doors, and especially without breaking anything. This book also covers different types of locks such as pin tumbler locks, dimple locks, wafer locks, lever locks, pump locks and much more. It includes several step by step tutorials for making lockpicking tools, cutaway locks, self impressioning soft keys…
It is used by the author as a training material for his training private sessions.

Little Black Book of Lockpicking: Lock opening and Bypass techniques for Security Professionals by Alexandre TRIFFAULT
English | 2021 | Reference | 39 MB

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