Man Down by Irma Venter, Elsa Silke

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Man Down Rogue

Ranna Abramson wants to disappear.
But she knows she can’t keep running when a former enemy tracks her down in Mumbai with dire news: her onetime lover, journalist Alex Derksen, has disappeared back home in South Africa.

Torn between her desire for him and fear of a homecoming, Ranna knows she’s the only one who can find him. But only two things in South Africa would welcome her—the inside of a cell or the bottom of a grave. There, to the police she’s the prime suspect in three murders. To the press, she’s the Black Widow serial killer. Despite her instinct to stay away, Ranna makes the journey. But the key to finding Alex lies in her painful past. And to uncover it, she’ll need to unravel a web of secrets tied to a long-forgotten crime.
Even if she finds Alex before it’s too late, Ranna must answer for past sins…or risk losing him forever.

Man Down by Irma Venter, Elsa Silke (Rogue Series #2)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 650 KB

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