Man In The Water by Jon Hill

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Man In the Water Jon Hill


An attempted murder.
A missing spouse.
And an international conspiracy that could change the world.

Jack Green has always been skeptical of so-called facts. Though he’s forced to confront the reality about his wife’s recent cancer diagnosis, he puts his own needs aside to make the best of what may be their last vacation. But he’s shocked to be rudely awoken in his stateroom, abducted by masked men and thrown off the cruise.
Plucked from the ocean’s cold grip of death, he fears the worst when he learns his spouse has disappeared. But when he returns home to find his mother-in-law and son missing, his frantic search reveals a staggering secret he refuses to believe… until someone tries to kill him.
Can Jack uncover the conspiracy surrounding his family before the next attempt on his life succeeds?

Man In The Water by Jon Hill (Jack and Stacey Green #1)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 450 KB

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