Mask of the Fallen by Harmon Cooper

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From the ashes of fate, a legend rises. Arik Dacre never thought he’d become the reincarnation of the War Priest, nor did he think he’d befriend an irritable water spirit or a mysterious master illusionist. But destiny can be funny like that. Going further than anyone like him has ever gone before, Arik, a disciple of the Academy for Healing Arts, enters the country of the enemy, the violent Crimson Realm, where he discovers quickly that he’s going to need deeper training to compete with their ruthless warriors and their unique command over chi. He has only one hope to match their strength: get his hands on the Mask of the Fallen. There are just a few problems, Arik has only one month to do so. Worse, the legendary mask might not even exist. Does Arik have what it takes to survive?

Mask of the Fallen by Harmon Cooper (Mask of the Fallen #1)
English | 2021 | Fantasy | 1.3 MB

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