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Memory Hunter by Liane Carmen

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Memory Hunter An Investigation Liane Carmen

When Brittany Mullins shows up at the hospital after being attacked, she’s alone and in bad shape. Her injuries heal, but she’s locked away the memories of who she is and what’s happened to her. She has keys to an apartment and identification, but the name on her driver’s license appears to be for a person who doesn’t exist.

Brittany comes to detectives, Jules and Becky, in hopes they can use DNA testing to confirm her real identity. While they wait for her results, they dig into the few clues they have about her life before the attack. They can’t help but believe she’s in hiding–from someone or something dangerous.
When a mysterious man appears to be stalking Brittany, Jules and Becky know they need to protect her until they can figure out how he fits in. As they attempt to unravel his agenda, they discover there could be more at stake than they imagined. Then, as friends and family gather for a wedding, Brittany goes missing. Becky panics, especially when she realizes Jules is nowhere to be found either.

Memory Hunter by Liane Carmen (The Investigation Duo #3)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 380 KB

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