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Mirage by Michael D. Wright

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Mirage A Pandora Initiative Th Michael D Wright

John Seal thought investigating the cause for an uptick in greenhouse gas emissions in the middle of a desert would be easy. He was wrong.

As a CIA cybersecurity operative, Seal is working for the ongoing covert Pandora Initiative spearheaded by Senator Nancy Daniels. Posing as a member of a multinational commission visiting Tehran to verify the cause of their nuclear power plant’s growing greenhouse gas footprint, John’s mission is to data-mine the plant’s operating system for irregularities.

Enduring the desert’s scorching heat, he encounters enemies that are supposed to be allies and an agent that was an ally turned enemy… or is she? Does his odd discovery covered with desert sand lead to a secret the Iranians are desperate to conceal… and the US is desperate to reveal?
Or is it merely a mirage?

Mirage by Michael D. Wright (Pandora Initiative #1)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 334 KB

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