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Modern Mythmakers by Michael McCarty

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Modern Mythmakers by Michael McCarty

Ever wanted to just hang out with legends like Ray Bradbury, Richard Matheson, and Dean Koontz?
This is your chance to read fun anecdotes and career advice from a wide range of Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy authors and filmmakers.

Modern Mythmakers is a collection of 35 interviews from horror and science fiction’s most influential writers and filmmakers, including…
Ray Bradbury
Dean Koontz
Richard Matheson
John Carpenter
John Saul
Graham Masterton
Joe McKinney
William F. Nolan
Peter Straub
The Night of the Living Dead crew (including John Russo, Kyra Schon and Russ Streiner)
Whitley Strieber
Christopher Moore
…and many more.

Modern Mythmakers: 35 Interviews with Horror & Science Fiction Writers and Filmmakers by Michael McCarty
English | 2020 | Fantasy & Horror | 480 KB

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