Mother of All Secrets by Kathleen M. Willett

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Mother of All Secrets by Kathleen M Willett

Her freedom, her sanity, her life. How much will a young mother sacrifice to protect her secrets? Sleep deprived and overwhelmed, first-time mom Jenn is struggling to adapt to her new role.

Frustrated with her loving but preoccupied husband and still grieving the death of her own mother, she feels isolated and depressed. It’s only when she joins a new-moms’ group that she starts to think she’s finally getting back on track. Until Isabel, the group’s leader, suddenly disappears. Now Jenn’s baby isn’t the only reason she can’t sleep. Consumed with worry over Isabel, Jenn is teetering on the edge of obsession.

Concern turns to paranoia when Jenn finds clues that force her to look at herself, her marriage, and the women in her support group, who have more in common than Jenn realized. Much more. Saving Isabel means unearthing secrets that were supposed to stay buried forever, and Jenn has to decide what she’s willing to risk to help a woman she barely knows. With each revelation, she gets closer to a slow-burning act of retribution that could easily and irrevocably draw her into the flames.

Mother of All Secrets by Kathleen M. Willett
English | 2022 | Crime Thriller | 860 KB

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