National Security by Matt Sloane

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National Security by Matt Sloane

The central tenet of private security is protecting the client. What happens when that client is a traitor?
After serving his country in Detachment-Delta, Vince Carver parlayed his elite skills into heading the kinetic protection division of a Silicon Valley security firm. Life in the private sector is simple until the routine escort of a semiconductor billionaire ends with a deadly attack on American soil.

Before Carver knows it, he’s embedded in a world of slick intrigue and fast lies. Stuck protecting a client who might be a traitor, coordinating with a foreign team he can’t trust, and answering to an agency who refuses to give answers of their own, it doesn’t take long to remember why he left intelligence work in the first place.

But going from private security to national security renews Carver with a purpose he had lost. He might just be the perfect man for the job and the key to a timeless truth. High-tech countermeasures and cameras can never replace boots on the ground or the indifferent precision of a man with a gun.

National Security by Matt Sloane
English | 2022 | Mystery & Thriller | 460 KB

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