New Starship: Discoveries by Matt Fatek

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New Starship Discoveries by Matt Fatek

Humanity is working tirelessly at getting ready to travel to the stars and spread its eggs around several baskets.
Julius Cousteau, a long-thought-dead former captain of a failed mission to the Moon from the 2030s, is now working together with a shadow-government agency to introduce as much mysterious alien technology, that he has been working on with his ancient alien brokers, to the public, as humanly possible, without ruining Earth’s economy and without spreading fear and horror at the fact that people are no longer alone in the universe. Because people still think they’re the pinnacle of civilization. Boy, are we going to be surprised!

Little does he know that his estranged granddaughter, Marie, who has no clue that he is even still alive, becomes tied up with some shady characters, who not only wish to do really, really bad things to her, but also – in the course of their terrorist activities – to humanity’s chance at winning an intergalactic war. A war that is inevitably coming and closer than one would ever think. Do terrorists know that they are essentially helping the wrong side in this war?

Will humanity’s first contact with alien antagonists be its last? Will humanity survive its galactic infancy and thrive, or will it wither and die where all others had perished?

New Starship: Discoveries by Matt Fatek (Protagonist Wars #2)
English | 2022 | Science Fiction | 325 KB

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