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Night at the Asylum by Elle Gray

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Night at the Asylum Elle Gray

You better watch your back. You better do your best to hide.
Because at Whitehorn there are strange forces at play.
Someone or something is watching.
And the bizarre death within a secured room is only the beginning…
Within a short period of time FBI agent Blake Wilder has had to overcome many life altering events. From the relief of discovering the truth of her past and having the reunion she had always dreamed of.
To becoming suffocated by the feelings of grief and failure, feelings that nearly resulted in her death.
Safe to say, Blake Wilder is far from looking forward to the festivities to come.

Blake and her team are summoned to a small town in northern Washington to investigate the mysterious death of a patient at Whitehorn.

A case with no prints and no evidence that anyone had entered the victim’s room the night of her death.
A strangely perplexing and unfathomable death. And the patients and staff at Whitehorn believe that it was the spirit of the woman’s boyfriend—a man she’d killed—coming back from the grave to have his revenge.
When Blake discovers that the victim is not what she appears to be and the case takes a more shocking turn. Blake finds herself in an inescapable fight, a fight of the ghosts of the girl’s past and Blake’s very own ghosts of present and future to come.
You better watch out. You better hide.
Because a night at The Asylum could bring forth a darkness that may lead to an untimely demise.

Night at the Asylum by Elle Gray (Blake Wilder #9)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 592 KB

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