No Safe Sinners by Morgan Ripley

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Someone’s already tried to kill her once. Did that murderer follow her home to Black Rock? After her partner dies in an attack meant for her, Maggie Royce moves back to her hometown to heal and take care of her sick mother. The town of Black Rock is sleepy compared to Chicago, but that quiet is exactly what Maggie needs. That is, until a body appears her first weekend back.

There’s almost no evidence, but Maggie is convinced of one thing: the murderer will strike again. Either she and the Black Rock police move quickly or more blood will be shed. Maggie’s now in a fight to save her town from a killer while trying to protect the one person she loves. There’s no end in sight to the murders and Maggie fears that the killer is just hitting his stride. Can she find the killer and stop him before he takes someone close to her?

No Safe Sinners by Morgan Ripley
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 329 KB

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