Nothing to Lose by Phil M. Williams

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Nothing to Lose Phil M Williams

The neighbors were afraid of him.
They wanted him gone.
Now he wants revenge.
I never liked the neighbors. My wife, Colleen, liked them. Went to their parties. They tolerated me because of her. After she died, they stopped pretending. I went to trial twice. They always blame the husband. For the record, I didn’t do it. Despite the hung juries, nobody believed me. If I’m bein’ honest, sometimes I pictured my hands around her neck.

Life goes on, whether I’m ready or not. I wasn’t ready for life without her. I was a mess. I didn’t care about the code violations. I should’ve cared and I should’ve known where the complaints were comin’ from and why. The fees grew by the day, plus interest. After payin’ my lawyers, I was beyond broke.

I was gonna lose my house. Our house. We were married in our backyard. We raised our daughter in that house. I had already lost too much, so I snapped. I wasn’t goin’ down without a fight. They thought I was stupid.
But they underestimated what a man will do with nothin’ to lose.

Nothing to Lose by Phil M. Williams
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 230 KB

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