NOWHERE TO LAND by Teretha Houston

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NOWHERE TO LAND by Teretha Houston

They have nowhere to run, nowhere to land, and they’re running out of sky.
A pilot and an air marshal struggle against impossible odds to save passengers above the Atlantic Ocean after a predator turns a crippled plane into a flying death trap.
Quentin Kane hasn’t been a detective for years, but when a strange woman asks the air marshal to help bring down a shadowy organization, he gives in. But the next morning, he wakes up with no memory of the woman or the odd wooden box she gave him.

Eden Stone could fly an F/A-18 through a keyhole but can’t outrun the dark secret that threatens to destroy her career. Her first Boeing 747 flight quickly devolves into terror as increasingly more baffling events plague Flight 1219.

Trapped 37,000 feet above the ocean, the passengers and crew are not alone. Something has awakened in the cargo hold, something created in a secret lab. Now it’s unleashed and could be more lethal dead than alive. With an apex predator that can turn every inch of the aircraft into a deadly weapon, there is no safe place. The only place where some have any hope happens to be the most dangerous place on the aircraft—the heart of the predator’s lair.
The shadowy organization, the odd wooden box, and the predator are connected. Quentin must find the link fast to keep the passengers alive until they can reach land—if they can reach land. But it may already be too late.

NOWHERE TO LAND by Teretha Houston
English | 2022 | Mystery & Thriller | 453 KB

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