Old Scores by James Harper

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Old Scores by James Harper

When upcoming country music star Taylor Harris hires a private investigator to catch her cheating husband, she gets a lot more than she bargained for. He says he’s found a secret in her past that even she’s not aware of – a curse on her life, a blood feud hanging over her for thirty years. But when he disappears, it’s down to PI Evan Buckley to pick up the pieces. Was the threat real? And if so, did it disappear along with the crooked investigator? Or did it just get worse?

Heading down to small-town Jasper in East Texas to follow in his unscrupulous predecessor’s footsteps, Evan finds himself embroiled in the lies and dark secrets that flourish in the tightly-knit community where outsiders are resented and people have their own ways of dealing with them. From the local lead detective to a retired dirty cop to a shady figure hiding behind the facade of a secret shell corporation, Evan quickly gets on the wrong side of them all.

And as his search draws to a close, inflaming old scores dormant for half a lifetime and laying bare the biggest lie of all, he’s forced to put a heavy burden on his unsuspecting client, one that he knows all too well himself.

Old Scores by James Harper (Evan Buckley Thriller Series #16)
English | 2022 | Mystery & Thriller | 395 KB

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