Photo Finished by Christin Brecher

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Photo Finished by Christin Brecher

With biting wit, a young lens, and satisfying sleuthing, the first in Christin Brecher’s brand new “A Snapshot of NYC” cozy mystery series introduces aspiring photographer Liv Spyer as she juggles rent on her postage stamp-sized Manhattan apartment; works part-time at her grandparents’ key shop; dates a guy who just might be FBI; posts for her thousands of Instagram fans; and solves the odd murder.

While some people escape into books or music, Liv escapes through her camera’s lens, which inspires her to jump into things she might otherwise have no business tackling—like moving to New York City. Hustling to make her dreams come true as a portrait photographer, she runs a pocket-sized studio below her grandparents’ West Village brownstone and a key shop. She’s down to the end of her savings as the holidays approach, but everything changes in a flash when elite events photographer, Regina Montague, invites Liv to shoot with her at New York City’s most exclusive socialite event of the year—the Holiday Debutante Ball.

Liv jumps at the opportunity, convinced that a job with Regina will launch her career. But when her fabulous new gig ends with the murder of billionaire Charlie Archibald, and Regina framed for murder, her dream job may never develop. Now, between cracking the world of high society—and the attentions of a handsome stranger—Liv must hustle once again to expose the true killer… before she gets cropped from the picture.

Photo Finished by Christin Brecher
English | 2022 | Cozy Mystery | 602 KB

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