Primeval Fire by C. T. Rwizi

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Primeval Fire by C T Rwizi

Salo is dead—and the world he left behind is at war.
In the midst of their grief, Salo’s closest clan members begin to experience strange phenomena: visions visit one, while seizures plague another. The clan’s new mystic divines that an arcane signal from the far west is calling, so they set out toward the desert—and encounter a caravan of travelers following the same mysterious call.

Meanwhile, Salo’s loyal allies Ilapara and Tuk embark on a bold mission to raise Salo from the dead. And their sorcery works…or seems to. While the resurrected Salo ignores his friends’ warnings and forms dark alliances, Ilapara and Tuk struggle with their growing unease, even as they follow Salo westward on a quest in which the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

With magic spiraling into mayhem, is this the end of Salo’s saga—or an epic new beginning?

Primeval Fire by C. T. Rwizi (Scarlet Odyssey #3)
English | 2022 | Science Fiction | 833 KB

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