PSYCHIC EMPATH by Wellness Academy and Self-Care

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Do you have a strong sense of self? Do you have a difficult time listening to other people’s feelings and needs? If so, you may have a psychic empath.
A psychic empath is a person who has a strong sense of empathy. A psychic empath can determine the emotions of those around them accurately. The ability to read and understand the energy of others and use that information to improve your own life and the lives of those around you is a rare and wonderful gift. It’s a gift that can be used every day and every time you interact with others, but most of us never learn about it.
This bundle book provides an in-depth look at this subject, covering all of the basic information you need to be considered a psychic empath. It describes the different types of psychic abilities, how to develop them, and how to understand them. It then explains the different types of empaths and offers tips and advice on how to increase your ability.

PSYCHIC EMPATH: Improve Emotional Intelligence by Developing Your Psychic Abilities, Discover the Usefulness & Power of the Enneagram and Increase Your Individual Abilities with Chakra Healing by Wellness Academy and Self-Care
English | 2021 | Self Help | 1.2 MB

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