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Pure As Gold by Kala Merseal

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Pure as Gold Kala Merseal

She never expected her savior to fall from the sky.
For countless years, Lycia Aloril prayed for the gods to send her a savior. Cursed to be coveted for her magical blood, escaping Fallovax would guarantee her death but staying means eternal torment. But when a roguish mage crashes through her forest, she seizes the chance to break her curses and escape her captor.

Orin Tyrea has other plans. He’s no savior, but an assassin of the emperor of Arreth. When a battle takes a wrong turn, he escapes within an inch of his life. Injured, his magick fails him mid-teleport and he crashes right into Lycia’s path.

Learning the truth of Lycia’s curses, Orin is torn between the pity he feels for the strange woman and his loyalty to his benefactor. For acquiring her magical blood for the emperor means one thing: having the power to kill a god.

Pure As Gold by Kala Merseal (The Lords of Arreth #1)
English | 2021 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 813 KB

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